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Who even knew that there were world records for waterfall descents in dingies? Ya, dingies?!? Here is the video. Check it out for yourself.

I'm not expert at extreme dingy, but it looks like all you need is more courage than brains, a few people that are close enough friends that they will help you but not so close friends that they will try to stop you. Oh, and a crappy dingy from Cdn Tire.

At least the celebratory beverage at the end is classy.

A Man needs a Canoe

November 5, 2010

No words have ever been more truthfully stated! Remarkably, it took an Australian beer company to do so. A friend linked me to this actual Australian beer commercial, and I knew all you canoers and kayakers would appreciate it. 

P.S. "Canoe" is Aussie for "kayak."

On Wednesday (June 2nd) there was a "test-drive" of the Calgary Weir (Harvie Passage) by invited experts and the area designers.

Randy and Mark from our strategic partners, RMPC, and our repair guy & paddler extraordinaire, Mark, were among the invited experts to test the features and provide feedback to the designers and construction folk. Everyone who paddled it found the features were more exciting than anticipated. Of course, the water level was only 90 (on the low side!) so that makes the waves more retentive.

The team was testing "drop #3" and "drop #4" in the river left channel. The first two drops are not constructed yet. And, the river right channel is partially completed, but has no water flowing in it, yet.

A YouTube video with some of the highlights is below. Check it out!

It is extremely important to note that the weir area is still closed to the public. The weir itself is as deadly as ever! Plus, it is a violation of federal law to be paddling there. Oh, and there is construction going on everywhere around there!

The construction project is only half done and is scheduled to be completed in 2011. Until then, we all need to paddle vicariously through Mark, Mark and Randy!

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