IceBreaker Clothing Information

IceBreaker is the world’s leading manufacturer of New Zealand merino clothing. In fact, they invented the category! And while others have jumped onto the merino bandwagon, IceBreaker continues to lead and innovate!

What is so great about IceBreaker Merino?

It insulates you from the cold!
It is easy care! Really!
It doesn't stink!
It keeps you cool in the heat!
It is soft and itch-free!
IceBreaker follows an everything-friendly business model
Fantastic performance-wear for paddling, running, skiing, etc!
There is IceBreaker Merino for every occasion!

Come visit us at Undercurrents to try IceBreaker Merino for yourself. We guarantee you will love it. Actually, we triple guarantee it!

IceBreaker’s Guarantee Alberta’s Best Price Guarantee Amazing Service Guarantee

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