Kayak Lessons

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Kayak FUNdamentals

New kayakers: this course is for you! Our comprehensive on-water introductory lesson will give you the hands-on training and skills required to kayak in protected waters.

Kayak Next Step

This inspiring course will improve your basic paddling skills and introduce you to edging (intentionally leaning your kayak). As well, you’ll have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to capsize in a kayak, how to be rescued by another kayaker, and how to rescue a paddling partner who has capsized.

Kayak Combo

This one-day comprehensive on-water course will give you the hands-on training and skills required to kayak in protected waters. It combines everything from Kayak FUNdamentals and Kayak Next Step, all into one great day! You also receive the Paddle Canada Basic Kayak skills certification during this course.

Kayak the River

You will take the new skills you learned in “Kayak: Fundamentals” and learn how to apply them to the river. Our skilled and enthusiastic instructor will guide you through safe river running skills, river reading, and the specific maneuvers you need to make your river travelling both safe and fun!

Touring Kayak Level 1

This Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayak Skills course is ideal for those that have already taken the PC Basic Kayak course and want to advance their skills, or for those that have spent some time in a kayak and want to learn to do things properly. Like all of our courses, there is an emphasis on safe paddling practice woven throughout this course. You will be taught techniques to improve your strokes, paddling skills and rescue skills, as well as journeying and seamanship.

Touring Kayak Level 2

Learnt more advanced paddling techniques (i.e. edging, bracing), new rescue skills (i.e. rolling, towing), seamanship (i.e. weather, navigation) and camping skills. Receive the Paddle Canada Level 2 skills award, the highest level that can be achieved on the prairies!

Greenland Paddling

If you want to try Greenland paddling, build your own paddle, or learn to roll Greenland-style, see our Greenland-specific courses here.