Meet the Experts: Jay


Jay works full time in our store and instructs in our kayaking programs. He fell in love with paddling at the ripe young age of 13. Raised on the crisp waters of the north Saskatchewan, Jay has always had an affinity for Alberta paddling. By age 15, Jay decided to go on a paddling adventure of epic proportions. He enrolled in a high school dedicated to kayaking and in the ensuing years paddled in all different corners of the world. His travels have taken him kayaking in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, China, New Zealand, the U.S and all over eastern and western Canada. You’ll know it’s Jay on the water by his infectious smile and unamusing jokes. (Eg. What did the mama buffalo say to her son buffalo before going to school…? BISON!!)

Jay is a …

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  • Paddle Canada Sea Kayak instructor, and
  • World Class Kayak Academy Alumni.