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New store exterior

exterior sketch600w

exterior sketch600w

Did you hear that Undercurrents is staying in our current location? And doing an extensive renovation?

As part of the reno, we are redoing the exterior of the building. That’s the first portion of the renovation to be nailed down so far. See the sketch above. We will be removing the big blue protrusion above our doors and windows, and also remove the decorative yellow brick. Replacing all that will be stucco and river rock! The rest of the building will be painted to match the stucco.

And, we’ll have a new sign. The background is stained wood in the classic canoe/kayak/paddleboard shape (top view). Our traditional name & wave logo will hover above the wood in white. 

We are also doing extensive renovations to the inside of the store! Our “complete make-over” will include a new floor, more showroom space, brighter & more energy efficient lighting, new racks & displays, as well as a general reorganization. 

It’s going to be a good looking store! 

While we renovate upstairs, we’ll be temporarily set-up in the basement (“Under-Undercurrents”), so we can continue to serve your paddling and IceBreaker needs!

As more details on the inside arise, we’ll fill you in.