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SUP FUNdamentals

Our “SUP FUNdamentals” class is for those who have never taken a Stand Up Paddleboard lesson. We teach: balance and basic paddling strokes and skills, how to load and transport a SUP, applicable Coast Guard regulations, along with gear and water knowledge. Even if you have been on a paddleboard before, you will be surprised by how much you learn in this fundamental course!

SUP Next Step

In the “SUP Next Step” class you will learn the day paddling skills needed to paddle inland waterways with wind and waves. We teach: Pivot turns, wave surfing, paddling upwind and downwind, edging and bracing, while we also improve your existing strokes.

SUP Combo

“SUP Combo” combines all the content of “SUP: Fundamentals” and “SUP: The Next Step” into one convenient 6-hour course. Learn everything you need to know to Stand Up Paddleboard on lakes big and small.

SUP the River

In “SUP the River” you will be taught how to safely use your paddleboard on easy rivers! Our skilled and enthusiastic instructor will guide you through safe river running skills, river reading, surfing, and the specific maneuvers you need to make your river travelling both safe and fun!

River SUP Next Step

Immerse yourself in River Paddleboarding! We will spend the first evening on flatwater refining your skills in preparation for a day of paddling incrementally more challenging whitewater. Learn the necessary paddling skills, and gain the knowledge to “read” moving water and use the features of the river environment to get you safely and efficiently to where you want to be!

River SUP Play

To have more fun on the river, and to progress from easy to intermediate whitewater paddling, we have to learn to “play” the river. Our full day River Play course focuses on honing your fundamental skills while introducing you to advanced skills including wave running, eddy hopping, S-turns, jet ferries, and surfing standing waves!