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SUP Surfing Tidal Wave in Alaska



If you have seen the latest edition of SUP Standup Paddler magazine (“available at Undercurrents now” – shameless plug!) you would have seen a fabulous photo of three paddlers surfing a tidal bore on their SUP boards.

Tidal bores occur when the ocean’s incoming tide moves up river against the river current. The wave or waves can travel upstream for miles. These are real “tidal waves,” not to be confused with a tsunami. They don’t happen in many places, but they look like they are worth the trip.

SUP Standup Paddler magazine has a ‘behind the photo’ description and video of this tidal bore and the surfers. Fascinating! Visit that page here.

Park your car upriver. Paddle down towards the sea. Then surf the bore back to your car. It doesn’t get any better than that!