Meet the Experts: Jeff

Jeff is our Repair Guru.

Before there even was an Undercurrents, Jeff was the repair and outfitting technician for Totem Outdoors Calgary. When Totem closed and Undercurrents opened, Jeff became our Repair Guru. He has also headed the design and manufacturing for both Gonzo Gear and Fluid Designs – specialty paddlesports accessory manufacturers.

Jeff took a break from the repair industry to become a Millwright where he focused on prototyping. He still does a little millwright work on the side. Fortunately, Jeff is back in the Undercurrents fold as our Repair Guru, and our Receiver. We can also count on Jeff to jump onto the floor when needed.

Jeff has alway been an avid canoer, and still loves to regularly paddle with this wife and their pup. Back in the day, Jeff was hardcore into whitewater kayaking but he grew out of it.  

Don’t worry, he’s happy to repair your damaged canoe or kayak. Or even your paddleboard.