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Trump’s trade war impacts paddlers

In response to President Trump’s 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum and 25% tariff on Canadian steel, our federal government has responded with targeted tariffs intended to sway key US politicians. One of Canada’s retaliatory tariffs, starting on July 1st, is a 10% tariff on US-made canoes and kayaks. A lot of canoes and kayaks sold…Read More

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Stay warm on the water!

Even during the shoulder seasons! Autumn is Awesome! You know how the weather goes at this time of year. Yesterday was crappy, but the forecast for today is sunny and warm? There are more good paddling days ahead, so long as you are dressed for what autumn weather brings. Here are the 5 key things…Read More

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Greenland or Bust!

What is it with the explosion of interest in Greenland paddling (GP) in recent years? Who even knew that you could make a standard kayak ‘go’ with what is essentially a whittled down 2×4? For centuries now, the people of Greenland have paddled with “sticks”, and make it look soooo goooood! (You remember the people…Read More

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Welcome to UnderUndercurrents


No, that’s not a typo. In case you haven’t heard, Undercurrents is undergoing a significant renovation this winter! Our first step was to move the whole store into our basement so we can continue to serve the paddling community, while renovationg the store to even better serve the community starting in the spring. The temporary…Read More

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New store exterior

exterior sketch600w

Did you hear that Undercurrents is staying in our current location? And doing an extensive renovation? As part of the reno, we are redoing the exterior of the building. That’s the first portion of the renovation to be nailed down so far. See the sketch above. We will be removing the big blue protrusion above…Read More